Shore Player’s rendition of “The Outsiders” takes the stage this weekend


Emma Paolantonio, Staff Writer

The American classic novel “The Outsiders” has been shared and admired throughout generations. Written in 1967 by S.E. Hinton and made into a movie in 1983 under the direction of Francis Ford Coppola, the heart-warming story of a closely bonded group of boys is now an experience to share thanks to the crew and cast of Shore Players. The story takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma and follows the journey of “Ponyboy” Curtis as he and his fellow Greasers learn important lessons about their lifestyle and decisions they make.

The Shore Players’ production of The Outsiders will take the stage on December 6th-10th. Come out and support the Shore Regional Theater including Steve Ostrom, Griffin Barfield, Ryan Kozak, TJ Macaluso, Charlie Spellman, Saylor Whiteman and the rest of the Shore Players Crew as they portray the lives of the Greasers and Socs who make up the class of people that have come to be known as the “Outsiders”.

Check back next week for our coverage of this highly anticipated production.