Shore Player’s production of “The Outsiders” is a hit!



Emma Paolantonio, Staff Writer

The Shore Player’s production of The Outsiders was an undeniable success. The multiple shows which took place this past weekend left audiences cheering with sensations of nostalgia as the play exemplified an amazing rendition of the novel that so many audience members have read and revered throughout their childhood and adolescence.

The production was one to remember among the viewers and especially within the crew who worked diligently to make the play possible. Megan Kelly, who played the role of Marcia, gave some insight as to the learning experience that she gained from the play: “This was my first fall show and it could not have been a greater experience. I was able to learn so much from both the director, Todd Aikens, and the other student actors who I shared the experience with”.

The cast and crew of The Outsiders and the Shore Players acting troupe encourage new members to try out for their show in the Spring. The fall production is just the beginning of a highly anticipated Shore Players 2018 season. The Beacon and its readers look forward to what is to come in the Spring.