Senators Singleton & Gopal sponsor homeless bill

Aiden Fornicola

In recent New Jersey politics, Senators Troy Singleton and Vin Gopal sign and get passed a bill which will require hospitals and homeless shelters to provide information to both homeless and veterans. This issue has been prominent within New Jersey as both veterans and the homeless rely on hospitals and shelters more than others. “Our homeless citizens are three times more likely to use emergency services than the general public,” said Senator Gopal (D-Monmouth). “New Jersey already offers several resources and services for individuals who are experiencing homelessness and for military veterans. But by meeting individuals where they are with appropriate information and referral practices, more individuals could take advantage of the programs available to them.”

Now, when homeless individuals visit hospitals and emergency shelters, information must be provided to them about special services and resources which may help them in their situation. Informing homeless or veterans with social services which may help them proves beneficial, as they may not have known about these resources which can assist them in the situation they’re in. Additionally, individuals will be asked if they are veterans as well. 

Bills aimed towards informing those in need with resources that can help them are valuable, as they aid and help the most vulnerable and impacted. Many argue the bill signed by Senators Singleton and Gopal is a significant step forward in New Jersey politics.