The Fifth Wave

A new addition to the dystopian genre

Image credit:  Penguin Random House

Image credit: Penguin Random House

Hailey Katzenberger, Staff Writer

Step back The Hunger Games, there’s a new dystopia in town.

The Fifth Wave is a novel that was released back in 2013 as the first of a trilogy by Rick Yancey. The second book, titled The Infinite Sea, was released last September, and the third and final installment, The Last Star, is set to hit shelves in May 2016. Despite it being released two years ago, The Fifth Wave is gaining major popularity recently due to the film adaptation that comes out January 16th, 2016, starring Chloe Grace Moretz.

The Fifth Wave takes place in the middle of an alien invasion. The visitors, or “The Others,” have arrived to Earth and they have been very hostile. They attacked the planet in four waves using alien technology. First: a planet-wide power outage. Second: an onslaught of tsunamis that wiped out everything on the coastlines. Third: a terrible plague called “The Pestilence,” which was lethal to all except those who were immune. And fourth: an infestation of aliens that look like people, and who kill ordinary humans on sight, and only one rule remains: Trust No One.

The novel revolves around the tales of Cassie Sullivan and ‘Zombie,’ both aged 16-17. Cassie is on her own after losing her brother. She survives with her wits and her trusty M-16, and is looking for a way to get her little brother back. Zombie, meanwhile, is a survivor of the plague and is recruited into Camp Haven, an army camp designed to train people to fight “The Others.”

Throughout a story jam-packed with action, romance, humor, and heart, Rick Yancey spins a tale that drew me in from the beginning, and has yet to fail me. I rate this book 5 stars, and will be certain to pick up the next two installments in the series!