Devastating Floods Impact Many U.S. States

Jess Barton, Staff Writer

About eight million people in sixteen different states ranging from New Mexico to Michigan were issued a flood warning on January 3, 2016 as the Mississippi River flooded southern Illinois and moved to Memphis, Tennessee, a result of a monstrous weather system and increased rainfall. The flooding is already responsible for twenty-five deaths, and the Mississippi River continues to rise. The Midwest saw ten inches of rain from the downpour that occurred from December 26 to December 28. President Obama granted a request from Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri for a federal emergency declaration to accelerate the debris removal and aid recovery costs. The Meramec River, a tributary of the Mississippi, rose a record 35 feet in three days and hit the Missouri towns of Eureka and Pacific. Hypothermia is also a threat as Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner encouraged residents to evacuate their homes. The Mississippi’s crest is scheduled to move to Memphis, Tennessee on Thursday, January 7th at 6pm.