2016 Spring Fashion Trends

The 90s Are Back


Courtney Moloney, Staff Writer

The temperature is finally rising, which can only mean one thing: spring and summer fashion is here! Before we go on summer vacation, it’s time to swap jeans for shorts and get ready for warmer weather.

    A lot of trends from the fall definitely continue into the spring: open-shoulder tops and fringe. A new wave of Bohemian-inspired clothing is coming back, which adds a seventies theme flare to this season’s fashion: lace up tops, shift dresses, and knee high boots are just a few. This trend will definitely be taking off due to spring festivals, like Coachella, which are known for having a seventies inspired vibe.  Another theme that a lot of trends are following is the 90’s. The 90’s have definitely been a popular trend for a couple of years now, however, this season it is gaining speed. Some notable clothing trends from the 90’s include: choker necklaces, ripped jeans, and flannels tied around one’s waist. There are many trends this spring, however, only a few are rising rapidly. Out of the prior trends stated: chokers, shift dresses, lace-up tops, and open shoulder shirts have proven to be most popular.

Spring fashion trends are already here and many will continue to stay. Which trends will you try this season?