2017 Fashion Trends

Courtney Moloney, Staff Writer

It is officially 2017, which means that not only is everyone embracing the new year, but also a year filled with new trends in the fashion world. A major fashion trend that was popular in 2016, sneakers, continues in 2017. Whether they are Adidas Superstars or running shoes, sneakers, along with “athleisure,” will continue it’s reign in the fashion world in 2017. Another trend is jackets. Jackets are the perfect trend to try because not only are they stylish, but they keep you warm from the cold outdoors. Whether they are satin bomber jackets, huge furry jackets, or denim jackets with pins, this trend is definitely here to stay.

2017 will continue to follow the trends of seventies clothing coming back, however, new trends hint at an eighties’ revival for fashion. Don’t worry, nothing so far seems to be as drastic as things once were. And the final trend coming in 2017 fashion is turtlenecks. Turtlenecks have been a trend for many years, and the classic piece continues in 2017.