All Star Game Controversy

Thomas Moloney, Staff Writer

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The NBA All Star Game will be held in New Orleans in February to honor the NBA’s best players. However, there is a voting controversy looming over the game. Fans are able to vote on the players who will be starting for the game. Usually fans vote for the best players in the league. However, this year has been different.

Golden State Warriors center, Zaza Pachulia, from the Republic of Georgia, has been a leading pick among fans. Many basketball fans have been confused by Pachulia’s rise to fan stardom because pundits and analysts view him as a below average NBA player. People believe that Pachulia is getting votes because his country is supporting him unlike any other past international player. Certain international stars have been given a large amount of votes by their country, but not like Pachulia.

Last year, Pachulia nearly made the All Star team, finishing just 14,000 votes short. Pachulia called this a “great feeling,” because he was “so close” last season. This year, Pachulia is in the spotlight even more, playing for a team that has the best record in the NBA. Pachulia may be able to become an all star this season, with his incredible international support. If he does not,this would have some fans believing that the game is made for the league’s best players, not the fans most beloved.

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