Tell Me Three Things is a must-read novel



Brenna O'Brien, Staff Writer

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The novel, Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum is about a girl named Jessie Holmes who must must face the transition from her small town in Chicago to a prestigious prep school in LA after the loss of her mother. Her father elopes with a wealthy film-maker, and her rude son, Theo. On one of her first days of school, Jessie receives a mysterious message by someone called “Somebody/Nobody”.  This person writes her messages, and when everything in Jessie’s life goes downhill, this mysterious person is always there to help her.  Jessie faces bullying and trying to find new friends, as well as adjusting to a new house and family.

It is a difficult time for her, but through all of her problems, she always feels safe talking to the mysterious person behind her screen. Although it is not a good idea to trust mysterious people online, the book will draw readers in. Jessie is faced with all different kinds of problems that are thrown her way.The book is intriguing and will make readers want to read for hours on end. The book is also a romance, which is exciting. I read the book all in one sitting; I just could not put it down. The book is thrilling and will make you keep turning the pages to see what happens with the conflict with Jessie’s friends, family and love life.

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