A prank that cost millions


Samantha Lagrotteria, Staff Writer

Banksy, an mysterious English artist, has painted some of the most unique and popular pieces in recent history. One of his most famous, “Girl With Balloon”, was auctioned off for a personal record of $1.4 million on October 5, 2018, making it the highest amount spent on British street work to date. Moments after being sold, alarms began to wail and the painting began to self-destruct, creating panic throughout the Sotheby’s auction house in London.

Just two days after the shredding incident, Banksy released a video showing how he had installed a shredder in the frame which was triggered to self-destruct if it were to go up for auction. Meant for comedic purposes, Banksy knew that his art would be auctioned off and many see the event as a “stunt”. While there was no definable purpose for the “Girl with Balloon” destruction, many are left to wonder: What will Banksy do next?