Breast Cancer: Knowing it exists is not enough


Emma Paolantonio, Staff Writer

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women with about one in eight women developing the invasive disease in her lifetime. With October being known nationally as Breast Cancer Awareness month, there is no better time for the public to expand their knowledge on the disease and spread awareness across their respective communities.

Schools, communities, and organizations across the country are engaging in all kinds of events and fundraisers in order to bring attention to invasive illness. Starbucks locations across the country are now selling three new pink drinks in order to bring attention to the disease. The Pink Macchiato, Strawberry Foam Iced Espresso, and Fantasia Yogurt Frappuccino are already flying off shelves of the popular coffeehouses. Delta Airlines is sending a pink plane into the sky; Panera Bread is selling pink ribbon bagels; beauty chain, Avon is sponsoring a breast cancer walkathon all to pay tribute to the patients and survivors of breast cancer.

Spreading the word about the disease throughout ones community can enable the country to unite and fight together – ultimately defeating the battle of breast cancer once and for all!