A royal baby is on the way

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announce they are expecting

A royal baby is on the way

Sarah Farber, Staff Writer

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced this week that they are expecting their first baby in the Spring of 2019. While touring Australia on an official state visit, the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex, made the announcement much to the delight of just about everyone who was there to witness it.

Their wedding this past summer captivated the world, with nearly 29 million people tuning in to watch the two exchange their vows in a traditional ceremony with a modern twist. Markle has been warmly welcomed by just about everyone, world over, and the announcement of the baby is another opportunity for the public to share in their continued happiness.

Since Meghan is American, the news brings the institution of the Windsor family closer to the hearts and minds of Americans, as well. In the midst of a very public family rift between Markle and her estranged father and half-sister, this news brings some much needed positivity both state-side and abroad.