The billion dollar question

What would Shore Regional do with $1 billion?

Emma Paolantonio, Staff Writer

Tonight’s impending, and record breaking, Mega Millions lottery drawing is leaving Americans across the nation with one question: What would you do with one billion dollars? We decided to ask this question to the faculty, staff and student body of Shore Regional High School.

Out of the thirty-six responses, twenty-one people said they would donate a portion of their winnings to charities such as ALS and cancer research, veteran associations, as well as religious charities and organizations. Twenty respondents said they would give money to their closest friends and family to buy bigger houses and afford schooling for either themselves or children.

Other noteworthy responses to the “Billion Dollar Question” :

“I would buy 50 Million copies of Up on Blu-Ray and DVD”

“Buy the Los Angeles Lakers”

“Buy millions of army soldiers from the dollar store.”

“Take salsa lessons :)”

“Book an ENTIRE cruise ship and my wife and I would invite all our families and friends to come celebrate with us.”

“After paying off all debts of my relatives, I would buy out an entire cul-de-sac worth of houses for me and all my friends. It would be a block party every weekend.”

Good luck to all!