“Workers’ rights are women’s rights”

World-wide protests in Google buildings after shocking NYT article alleges widespread negligence to sexual harassment claims.



Samantha Lagrotteria, Staff Writer

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Google, a multi-billion dollar company, was the center of world-wide protests on Thursday, November 1st. Thousands of employees from San Francisco to Tokyo assembled outside Google buildings to protest sexual harassment in the workplace.

The walkout was sparked by a New York Times investigation which uncovered years of sexual harassment allegations, taking place all over the world. One thousand workers in California walked out in a similar fashion at New York headquarters building. The walkout didn’t, in fact, start in the United States, but rather in their Asian offices after hearing about the Times’ article. The word of the walkout spread through India, Europe and made its way to the U.S., thus resulting in a worldwide protest.

Female employees that were affected had stated it was nearly impossible to report the assault because it was mostly done by men of higher power. Not being the first time, Google, along with other tech startups, have had allegations of racial and gender discrimination, as well as sexual misconduct. The protests have gotten support from other large technology companies. Marc Benioff, founder of Salesforce, told CNN in an interview that he supports the women and the overall walkout, wanting them to have the equality they deserve.

Some of Google’s higher executives have resigned since the allegations have surfaced. The walkout has captured the attention of the people world-wide, adding fuel to the already burning fire of the Me Too Movement sweeping across the globe.

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