A treat sweeter than candy

One Idaho boy shows the true meaning of a Halloween treat



Emma Paolantonio, Staff Writer

A neighborhood in Idaho Falls experienced both tricks and treats this Halloween when one home on the block put out a bowl of candy with a note reading, “Please take one”.

An eleven year old boy named Hayden Chapple first experienced the tricks of Halloween when he approached the bowl on the Robertson family’s porch only to discover that someone had taken all of the candy for themselves. Hayden then took it upon himself to spread a treat to the other children in his neighborhood. The young boy stood at the end of the driveway of the Robertson’s house and handed out candy from his own bag to passers by, so that they wouldn’t feel the disappointment that he did after approaching an empty candy bowl.

Hayden told his parents later on that not only did he hand out candy from his own collection, but he gave out his “good” candies like Skittles and Hershey bars so that the younger kids in his town would have a better Halloween experience.

Little did Hayden Chapple know, but his good deeds had been seen by the Robertson family thanks to their security camera. While the Robertson family could have posted the video of the boy who took the bowl of candy, they chose to post the video of Hayden’s kind gestures, instead. The young boy unknowingly sent out an inspirational message to people across the country that Halloween is about so much more than just candy.