The “Year of the Woman” is here

How could the midterm elections change the face of women in politics?

Kayleigh Knott, Staff Writer

Many people have called the upcoming elections the “Midterm of the Woman” and some have even called 2018 the “Year of the Woman”. Do women really only get one year though? A large surge of women have voiced their disapproval of the swearing in of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the recent Google’s allegations of sexual harassment among employees.

Many records are being broken for women running for office in the midterm elections. This is said to be the most diverse group of candidates in the history of the United States. The New York Times stated, “More than a quarter of all the candidates running this year are female, including 84 women of color – a 42 percent increase from just two years ago.” The representation in politics will have a huge impact on the country, giving women more confidence to make a change. There are women on both sides regarding issues on taxes, immigration, and gun control; but they are united in working together for a brighter future for women. This includes women and minority representation, equal pay, healthcare, education, and jobs.

As a child I always saw white men in politics, and I assumed that women were not supposed to speak on certain issues. I never want another young girl to think anything less of herself because she is not represented in politics. Hopefully, this “Year of the Women” will fuel a new era in politics and introduce a much more diverse group of candidates for any office.