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Newly eligible voters can make a difference

2018 Election Day holds great significance

Tea Damiano, Staff Writer

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A day where the decision is yours. Despite the opinions of many, Election Day is one’s chance to cast a vote for the politician of their choice. In America, Election Day always falls on the first Tuesday after November 1st. Although this is common and nothing new to adults who continue to cast their vote each year, this is a new concept to many 18 year olds. Even at Shore Regional High School, many of the seniors are eligible to vote in their first ever election. These newly eligible voters are encouraged to cast their vote in order to make a difference in the world they live in.

Election Day can be seen as a controversial topic. Despite this, students are still taught about Election Day and what nation-wide effect they could have with by casting their vote. Many citizens disagree with the law, in that an eighteen year old is allowed to vote. They argue that they do not encompass enough knowledge about politics to even make a decision.

While this concept may discourage new eligible voters from going to the polls, Election Day is an opportunity to voice your opinion and all eligible voters are encouraged to get out and vote!

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Newly eligible voters can make a difference