A day to give thanks


Emma Paolantonio, Staff Writer

In 1621, Wamapoke Indians and Plymouth Rock Colonists peacefully shared a Harvest Feast after their successful growing season. This celebration lasted three days and today, nearly 400 years later, we continue to spread our appreciation for all that we have on what we now call Thanksgiving. Traditions vary from family to family from the food that we eat to the places where our families gather. In honor of Thanksgiving week quickly approaching, the students at Shore Regional High School decided to share some of their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and memories.

The widespread celebration for families of coming together for a family turkey dinner is what makes for the most memorable family moments and honors the values of tradition. Many Shore Regional students said that they watch Football with their families every Thanksgiving. Other common traditions were baking/cooking as a family and playing board games. Junior Megan Kelly shared her favorite Thanksgiving tradition, “My family goes around the table one at a time while we eat dinner and say what each of us are most thankful for in our lives.” On this Thanksgiving break, while we celebrate each of our own traditions with our families, we hope you each take the time to remember all that we are so fortunate to have in our lives.