Giving back this holiday season

Tea Damiano, Staff Writer

During a time surrounded by so much joy, take the opportunity to spread that joy to the people who need it a little extra this holiday season. There are so many ways to create happiness for others, while also feeling accomplished through giving back. Take time from your busy holiday to serve meals to the less fortunate. You have the chance to put a smile on someone’s face, use it to your advantage. Nonperishable drives are happening all around town. Shore Regional collects items such as solo cups and Eos chapstick for our Surfrider club to be recycled by Terracycle and help the Earth. Shore Regional’s own FCA(Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is giving members the opportunity to buy a gift and personally deliver the gift to the family in need.

There are many ways to give back this holiday season. Look into certain events your church or local community center is holding. Doing something for someone else can even help you create joy within yourself. Even deeds such as recycling to help our Earth can make a difference. These helpful tasks go a long way, and they don’t go unnoticed. Take time out of your day and spread joy in your own way!