How to make a resolution and stick to it

Reinvent yourself and the way you make resolutions by following these 3 simple steps!

How to make a resolution and stick to it

Kayleigh Knott, Staff Writer

Every year is a disappointing cycle of making New Year’s resolutions and breaking them within a month. A new year can bring lots of hope and motivation to turn around different aspects of our lives. The truth is, we are putting way too much pressure on ourselves to change. The best way to make or break a habit is to choose a few that are attainable. Follow these three easy steps to see your new year’s resolutions through:

Step 1: Make it your intention to make a change

By making something your intention rather than a goal it makes you more motivated to accomplish it. If you really want something you have to work hard for it and remember what all of the hard work is for. Develop the habit of working hard towards your goal on a daily basis until it becomes almost normal for you.

Step 2: Think about the present

If you make goals that you wish to accomplish in the future you may find yourself overwhelmed and anxiety-ridden. Take smaller steps that will eventually lead up to the bigger goal.

Step 3: Find a friend!

Everything is easier with a friend. Suppose you wanted to start a business or go to the gym more? Find a friend with similar interests so you can help motivate each other!

I, along with The Beacon staff,  hope this new year provides a fresh start for everyone, and that all of our friends and family take the necessary steps towards accomplishing their resolutions!