A Review of Paris Fashion Week 2019

Brenna O'Brien, Staff Writer

Paris Fashion Week took place from Monday, February 25th to Tuesday, March 5th 2019. Paris Fashion week is an exciting event where people from all around the world to view some of the most interesting outfits that are created by famous fashion brands. I have decided to give my input on some of the outfits from the Fall collection. Fall is my favorite season for fashion. Below are a few designs that stood out:

This suit by Chanel is wonderful. The combination of the hounds tooth and plaid pattern was a bold choice, but I think that it looks very elegant. During the Autumn seasons, plaid is very popular. Plaid used to be a trend in the 1980s, and has come back as a trend today.

There were a number of trench coats featured in the fall collection, however, the trench coat by JW Anderson was by far my favorite. Both of these trench coats were going for a similar look, but I think that the JW Anderson trenchcoat did a much better job of creating a baggy, stylish trench coat. The coat by Sacai looks almost too baggy, and the strange harnesses around the chest and waist do not help the fact that the model looks like she is drowning in the trench coat. I know that the designer was going for a baggy look, but I do not like the way the sleeves are draped around her arms, it makes the model look to tiny and strange compared to the huge coat. The JW Anderson coat has sleeves that are puffed out, which looks significantly more elegant. I also love the plaid accents on the coat. By far, the JW Anderson coat is better than the Sacai coat.
This outfit by Gucci is very bold. I enjoy the one piece outfit, it would go well with the Chanel outfit above. The mask is strange, but I like it because of how unique it is. About the masks, the Gucci Press release said, “Playing with the magic ambiguity of masks represents an occasion to recover the creative roots of our being alive”. I like the creativeness of this design, and the hounds tooth pattern is very nice, the frilly necktie and sleeves give the outfit a beautiful flare.