September Students of the Month Are Announced

Seniors Jamie Watt and Rocco Gannon are awarded the first SOTM for the 2019-2020 school year


Senior Jamie Watt

Emma Paolantonio, Staff Writer

Smiling faces and educational excellence are not the only things that make up a Shore Regional Student of the Month. As the 2019-2020 school years unfolds, seniors Jamie Watt and Rocco Gannon are recognized for their many contributions to the school. 

Jamie Watt is an active member of Student Council, Future Educators Association, Students for Animal Welfare, Interact, and the Beacon. The educator that has most impacted her life is Mrs. Fagen. Jamie says that before coming to high school, science was her least favorite subject, but her perception of the topic changed after taking Mrs. Fagen’s Biology and AP Biology classes. She thanks Mrs. Fagen for opening her eyes to the field that she now hopes to study in college and pursue in her future. Jamie says that her greatest role models in her life are her parents; “They have been supportive of the decisions I have made in my life and gave me the tools I need to achieve my goals. They have taught me the life lessons that make me the person I am today”. Jamie is grateful for the staff at Shore Regional and loves the bonds that she sees students make with their teachers every day. In her future, Jamie hopes to have a job that she loves, she wishes to achieve every goal that she sets, and hopes to always remember to help those around her.

Rocco Gannon shares similar goals in his future. He hopes to work in a career that he enjoys and be in a happy and loving relationship. Currently, Rocco is enrolled in a combination of AP and IB classes. When he is not volunteering for Interact or helping his grandfather, Rocco is

spending time with the people he cares about and learning new things that interest him. Rocco says that he looks up to his grandma – a woman who has always worked hard in her life and takes care of the people that she loves. When it comes to his day to day life at Shore Regional, Rocco states that, “All of the staff are helpful and friendly, and it’s seldom that the students are not as equally pleasant. I also like the wide range of subjects offered and the amount of other activities you can participate in.” Looking back on his past, Rocco appreciates his eighth grade science teacher Mrs. Naparlo who fortified his love for science. While he thinks that all of the teacher he has had have impacted his educational career, Rocco believes that Mr. Labush’s unique class taught him skills that he will remember and use for the rest of his life.

Congratulations to the September Students of the Month! We wish you the best of luck in your future, and thank you for the impact you’ve made on the Shore Regional community.