Shootout in Jersey City leaves six dead

Ellie Brouwer, Staff Writer

4 people, 3 civilians and one police officer, died during a long standoff on Tuesday, December 10th. The two suspects that took apart in this crime were also killed. The fallen officer was Detective Joseph Seals. Joseph Seals was a 39-year-old father of five who joined the Police department in 2006. Seals was a 15 year veteran of the Jersey City police department. Seals was believed to have been ambushed. Two other officers and one civilian were shot and in listed in stable condition following the shooting.

The shooting began at 12:30 p.m. and it brought in neighboring reinforcements, such as the NYPD. Surrounding areas and schools went into lockdown. Reports of the shooting occurred in the area of Martin Luther King Drive in Jersey City. Wild gunfire and loud sirens were heard when armed officers moved into the area of the bodega where the suspects had barricaded themselves. By 2:00 pm, law enforcement sent in a robot to see what was going on inside of the store while shots continued to ring. Law enforcement and authorities announced the suspects had been shot and killed.

The investigation as to a motive will likely take weeks, possibly months. Thoughts and prayers go out to the families of loved ones.