Top 10 sports scandals of 2019

As we embark on a new decade, many media platforms do a “Top 10” at the end of every year. Whether that be movies, music or fashion trends, there popularity increases as it is resurfaced at the end of the year, even if that means it’s negative. With the end of every year means reminding the world of controversial scandals that have occurred throughout the year, scandals of all types.

One popular platform that many individuals do not think much about is sports scandals, there interest only being drawn towards celebrity scandals. After polling the Shore Regional student body, one of the top scandals of 2019 was voted as  the U.S. Women’s Soccer team getting caught up in an intense debate with the U.S. Soccer Association. The U.S. Women’s team had an amazing win against the Netherlands with a close score of 2-0. After the win, an uproar in the soccer community had started, with the truth of pay being revealed. It became known to the U.S. Women’s team that, even after winning the world cup, they were still being paid less than the U.S. Men’s team that only made it to the quarter finals in 2002. This had sparked the U.S. Women’s team to sue the association for unfair pay and gender discrimination. They are having many difficulties trying to gain their rights and they are continuing to fight until something is done to equalize pay. 

Not only is the U.S. Women’s soccer team having conflicts but so is the NFL. On November 14, a normal game versus the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers turned very physical and emotional. At the end of a play, Myles Garrett from the Browns pulled off the helmet of Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and then hit him in the head with it. Because of the danger he put him in, Myles has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely and at least for the rest of the season. His suspension sat him for 6 regular games and the playoff games. According to CNN, ̈The six games alone would make it one of the longest suspensions for on-field incidents in NFL history.¨ There are no charges against Myles but both teams have been fined $250,000 because the NFL states  ̈it would issue discipline for other players in the coming days, including those who left the sidelines.¨ About the incident, senior Grace Walker said, ̈It was the worst thing I have ever seen on the NFL. It was extremely unprofessional and Mason Rudolph could have gotten extremely hurt.¨ 

2019 seemed to be all about scandals in the NFL. We know Saints fans are not going to like bringing up the 2019 NFC championship game between them and the Rams. However without that horribly missed pass interference call, which would ruin the New Orleans Saints chances of advancing to their first Super Bowl since 2009, the new rule that was implemented this season would have not been introduced. The new rule allows coaches to challenge a play if they think a player on either side of the field offence or defense interfered with the opposing player. This new rule gives the game a new balance the NFL has not had in a while. The rule may slow the game down a bit but most importantly the right call is being made which is the sole reason for the new rule. Even though the new rule has not benefited that much, according to Pro Football Reference through Week 12, coaches had issued 51 challenges related to pass interference since week 3 and only 6 have been overturned. The rule may not be overturning a lot of calls this season but at least the rule was able to fix 6 incorrect calls so far this season and will be continuing to get the right call for years to come.