Best and worst diets for 2020

Best and worst diets for 2020

Daniella Crystal

Let’s talk about food. Most people rave about their diets- how healthy they are now and how happy they feel. But in most cases the “diets” that these people are using are not good for them or their bodies. The best diet is one that promotes a balance of maintainability, palatability, and sustainability.

One of the top diets of 2020 is the Mediterranean Diet. This diet is meant to emphasize simple plant-based cooking, and is just about the best and easiest diet to follow. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on eating less red meat, sugar and saturated fat. You should focus on eating more fish and olive oil based substances. This diet is comprised of fish as a substitute for meat, as well as heavy on vegetables, olive oil, red wine, and fruits.

The success behind the Mediterranean Diet is because of its plant based choices-they contain the right amount of nutrients needed to sustain the healthier part of your body with what it needs. It gives your body the nutrients it needs, without all the fat, and unnecessary calories. Another really healthy diet is the DASH diet, aka weight watchers. This diet focuses on lowering blood pressure, eating more veggies, and fruits, and most importantly cutting out dairy foods which are high in saturated fat. 

The Keto diet is ranked at the bottom of the list for successful diets in 2020. The reason for Keto being such an unhealthy diet is because it is cutting so many carbs. Carbohydrates can cause an increase in body fat, but our bodies also need them to survive. In the Keto diet they completely cut carbs which can cause headaches, nausea and dizziness.  The replacement for carbs in this diet are foods which are extremely high in protein-these include food items very high in fat, and a potential excess of dairy.

In all, the diets for 2020 can be very effective but you just have to do research. A top priority in finding a healthier diet should be what the substitute food is, and how many calories are held within those products.