Upset about the 92nd Annual Oscars Memoriam Tribute

Samantha Lagrotteria, Staff Writer

With the recent showing of the 92nd Annual Oscars, there were some major hits and misses. With Brad Pitt winning Best Supporting Role for One Upon a Time in Hollywood, as well as Bong Joon Ho for Director of the year, there was extremely upset about the memoriam tribute. With rising star Billie Eilish singing Paul McCartney’s hit “Yesterday”, the memoriam is a chance to honor those who have passed in the previous year and their excellence in the film industry. What was meant to be a moment to remember, was turned into upset when a few famed individuals were left out, specifically Luke Perry. 

Luke Perry passed in March of 2019 after suffering a fatal stroke, being best known from his role in Beverly Hills, 90210 in the late 1990’s. Perry would go on to act in multiple other movies, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Riverdale, later having two children. Perry has won awards for Best Male Tv Show Star, as well as nominated for other awards. After his passing in March and his lack of appearance in the Oscars memoriam, Perry’s family and many fans were upset and angered. Other than Luke Perry, Oscar nominee Michael J. Pollard and Jan-Michael Vincent were also left out of the memoriam. 

Sources revealed that the Oscars memoriam, which started in 1994, used to be based off popularity in Hollywood and was restricted to actors. Since then, the Oscars have included directors, producers, sound and makeup artists, as well as documentaries. When the Oscars heard about the upset, they had stated that the upset was “expected” because they have received complaints about the lack of inclusiveness in the past. 

Even though Perry and other famed individuals were not included, Oscar winner Kobe Bryant, as well as Kirk Douglas were all mentioned in the memorium. Producers such as David Foster and Samuel W. Gelfman were also mentioned in the show.