Nine Killed in a Shooting in Hanau, Germany

Terrorist attack in Germany leaves people worried

Jamie Watt

On the night of Wednesday, February 19, a gunman shoots and kills nine, innocents in two shisha bars in Hanau, Germany. The attacks began in the Midnight shisha bar, then continued at the Arena Bar & Cafe a few blocks away. The shooter then fled to his apartment where he and his mother were found dead with gunshot wounds, bringing the death toll to eleven. The federal prosecutors are treating this mass shooting and terrorist attack, as it has been the deadliest attack to occur in Germany in years. 

Through the investigation of this devastating event, it has been discovered that there are indicators that the shooter had a right-wing extremist background and this attack was most likely a result of his beliefs. If that theory is correct, this shooting will be the third extreme right-wing murder attack in Germany in the past year. Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said, “Right-wing terrorism has again become a threat to our country.” 

People have become afraid to travel to cities in Germany due to the recent attacks, including Chancellor Angela Merkel. Shore Regional High School student, Brianna Pepsny said, “Due to recent events and terrorist attacks people are changing their travel plans in order to avoid danger. People are afraid of their personal safety and the safety of others in the future, as attacks are becoming more common” 

The name of the shooter is yet to be released to the public, as the Federal Prosecutors are still looking into other possible suspects. But, although the identity of the shooter has not been officially released, Youtube has shut down the account of a man named Toblas Rathjen early Thursday morning, after his name and date of birth matched that of the main suspect of the mass shooting. 

As for the families and friends of the victims, Hanau’s mayor, Claus Kaminsky, is organizing a public vigal to take place in the city’s market square. Kaminsky calls for people to “stand together for Hanau”. The city of Hanau has also announced the cancellation of carnival parades scheduled for the weekend, saying that celebrations are not appropriate during this time of mourning. Locals have brought candles and flowers to the location of the attacks and across the country flags are flying half mast as the country mourns the death of nine innocent people.