Beauty and the Beast: Shore Regional’s One Show Wonder



Emma Paolantonio

Shore Regional’s spring production of Beauty and the Beast was set to take off on Friday, March 13th. The show that was supposed to take place on six different nights was limited to one, last minute production. While Thursday was intended to be the final dress rehearsal, it became the opening and closing night of the show after NJ Governor Phil Murphy declared a ban on all gatherings over 250 people due to the recent events regarding the Coronavirus. While the news was very hard on the cast and crew of the play’s production, the last minute event was a major success, and became a night that the students and their families will never forget.

The opening night of any play never goes as planned. However, without much preparation using microphones, lighting, costume changes, and the orchestra, Beauty and the Beast went fluently without the technical problems that usually come along with a dress rehearsal. Knowing that their show might not be able to reschedule, the cast of the show performed with passion, emotion, and high energy – despite the feelings that they had about the events. Shore Player’s Ryan Kozak spoke out on his memories from the production. “The creation process of Beauty and the Beast was an experience I will never forget,” he says. “I was devastated knowing that after all of our hard work and dedication, the show had to end this way… especially because it was my last show as a Shore Player. I will never forget this production’s cast and crew; they are my family forever.” Beauty and the Beast received numerous standing ovations from the audience during the show, not only for the amazing show that they produced, but for the hard work, passion, and hours that they spent in preparation.

Director of Shore Players, Todd Aikens, spoke to the cast and crew of the show after the production came to a close: “Every year when the shows come to an end, I like to joke around and say ‘out of every cast I’ve ever worked with, you guys have been the most recent’, but I can genuinely say that out of every cast I’ve ever worked with, which has been a lot, I have never been more proud.” Tears were wiped away behind the curtains of the stage, and the actors put on an incredible show giving everything they had to this opening and closing night. While the directors of the play are trying their best to arrange rescheduling of the production, the play was recorded and DVDs will be released for the cast to buy. 

Congratulations and thank you to the cast of Shore Players who made this one amazing night possible… especially the seniors – Megan Kelly (Belle), Ryan Kozak (the Beast), Maggie Harvey (Mrs. Potts), Saylor Whiteman (Lefou), Cape Miele (Wardrobe), Isabella Antoon (Babette), Sophia Littman (wolf, ensemble), Sarah Farber (silly girl, napkin), and Sadie Moran (enchanted woman, ensemble).

Article Update: The spring production of Beauty and the Beast has been rescheduled to May 15, 16, and 17. Updates about ticket resales will be posted as the date approaches.