Shore Regional transitions to online learning amid COVID-19 pandemic

An interview with Principal, Mr. DalliCardillo

Shore Regional transitions to online learning amid COVID-19 pandemic

Isabella Saponaro

The  COVID-19 outbreak has greatly altered the face of education around the world. With the threat of the virus- most schools have taken the unparalleled measure to close until further notice- Shore Regional being one amongst these schools. The sudden spike in positive cases did not allow for much time or notice regarding Shore Regional’s transition to online learning. I was able to ask our Principal, Mr. DalliCardillo, a few questions about virtual schooling from an administrator’s point of view:

The Beacon: How long did the teachers have to prepare for this transition we had to undergo?

Mr. DalliCardillo: “Like every other school in our state, I don’t think there is ever enough time to completely prepare for an unprecedented shift like this. I do think that Shore teachers and students have been pretty well equipped for this online learning platform mostly because of our 1:1 Chromebook program and the teacher use of Google Classroom. A large number of students and teachers have also used “distance learning” as part of our summer enrichment program.”

The Beacon: What has the feedback been from teachers and students about their experiences with our online learning?

Mr. DalliCardillo: “From the very beginning there has been an expressed increase in the intensity and stress of a complete online learning platform, which I completely understand. I have had several meetings with our Student Advisory Committee as well as daily meetings with faculty where they have expressed this same feeling. The recent change to reduce the daily schedule was made in an effort to address this concern and make this experience sustainable for an extended period of time. I have stressed the belief that this (online learning experience) is a marathon and not a sprint…so it needs to be sustainable for everyone.”

The Beacon: What do you think is the most important thing for teachers and students to keep in mind while being quarantined at home?

Mr. DalliCardillo: “I think it is really important that we all remember that this whole thing is temporary and it will pass eventually. This is an unprecedented situation for everyone and it is not easy to process all that is going on. With all of our lives usually being so busy all the time, it is important that we appreciate the time that we get to spend at home with our families. This experience also reinforces just how valuable the relationship of a school community is, as well as the comfort of physically being there everyday.”

To echo Mr. D.’s words, Shore Regional is an incredibly close community- it is evident our teachers and administrators are doing everything in their power to help the students adapt to the ever changing landscape of online learning.