How to Tell the Difference Between the Corona Virus and Other Illnesses 

Samantha Lagrotteria

With the recent COVID-19 or CoronaVirus pandemic sweeping the world, many people know little about the illness itself. With over 100,000 people infected with the virus in the United States alone, the corona virus could mislead people. Many are comparing it to the flu and allergies, and while they are very similar, each illness differentiates between each other. By understanding the difference between the illnesses, it could prevent it spreading and decrease the world’s number of cases and deaths. 

While it is mainly unknown how the virus started, it first surfaced from Wuhon, China. But this illness has spread like wildfire, faster than any government official, doctor researcher and everyday person could have imagined. With a majority of nations in a lockdown and President Trump advocating for social distancing, the corona virus is often compared to the flu by many health professionals. The reason being is because both illnesses exemplify the same strain of symptoms before actually getting sick. Both the corona virus and the flu have symptoms of a dry cough, a fever and a sore throat. What makes a difference in the illnesses is that Covid-19 is an upper respiratory disease, resulting in shortness of breath or making it hard to breathe. Even though both illnesses have caused deaths, the corona virus is more severe because there is no vaccine or cure for the illness, causing deaths in elderly individuals and those with pre-existing respiratory or medical issues. 

The CDC has stated that the best way to prevent from spreading the virus is to stay 6 feet or away from others in general. What is making the finding of a cure so difficult is how quickly the virus spreads from person to person, it being airborne for 3 minutes. Other ways to prevent it is to wash your hands for 20 seconds and to keep from touching the face. With the cases rising each and everyday, President Trump and the CDC are working to find a vaccine and to put an end to quarantine as quickly as they can.