What to Watch

The coronavirus outbreak has led to an entire nation transitioning to virtual learning, working, and living. While there are many uncertainties regarding the virus and how long the world will be forced to isolate, individuals are facing the conflict of how to keep busy at home. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are releasing loads of free movies to help those at home combat their boredom. With larger amounts of time on your hands, especially during Spring Break, there are countless series that are rapidly increasing in popularity that you can binge watch. These are the top ten Netflix series to watch during quarantine:


  • Money Heist: “The Professor”, a criminal mastermind, assembles a team of eight thieves in order to pull off the biggest heist in history. With plans to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain, the Professor and his team take hostages and must prepare for a showdown with authorities. The Spanish Netflix show has been climbing the rates for highest grossing series. Once you get past the dubbed over English audio, you will understand why the show is Netflix’s best-watched, non-english show.
  • Tiger King: This chaotic documentary series follows eccentric characters through the underground world of exotic cat breeding. The seemingly underwhelming world of big cats takes a turn for crazy with accusations of murder, death threats, and overthrown businesses. The series of only seven episodes is so packed full of plot twists that it is quickly becoming one of Netflix’s top trending shows.



  • Mindhunter: FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench attempt to understand the killers they search for by getting into the mind’s of imprisoned murderers. By studying the damaged minds of these criminals, the FBI agents develop the first system of modern serial killer profiling. The crime drama series is directed by Oscar nominated director David Fincher, making each episode just as suspenseful as it is entertaining.



  • Schitt’s Creek: When a wealthy video store magnate and his soap opera star wife find themselves completely broke, they are forced to turn to their one remaining asset – a town called Schitt’s Creek. Follow the Rose family in this comedic sitcom as they are forced to transition from pampered to poverty-struck. 



  • Ozark: Created by the critically acclaimed screen-writer Bill Dubuque, this three season drama is high on Netflix’s most-watch list. After a money-laundering scheme goes wrong, Marty Byrde is forced to relocate his family from Chicago to a summer resort community in the Ozarks. Marty is on the move forcing him to pay off a substantial debt to a Mexican drug lord in order to keep his family safe.
  • Explained: This documentary style show is made up of 15-20 minute episodes that each attempt to answer deep questions about the world. Vox, the news site behind the series, answers our internalized questions ranging from extraterrestrial life to the stock market. This show is definitely the one to watch if you’re in the mood for evoking some thought. 



  • Master of None: Created by writer Alan Yang and comedian Aziz Ansari, this comedic-drama series loosely describes the life-experiences of Aziz Asari. “Dev” is an actor in New York who struggles to understand what he wants from his personal and professional life. Glimpses of Dev’s upbringing and past are depicted as he tries to discover who he is and what he wants for himself.


  • You: If you’re looking for a thriller series, this one might be for you. The audience follows Joe as he tries to win the heart of an aspiring writer. When this bookstore manager’s crush turns into an unhealthy obsession, it becomes clear that Joe has no limit as to what, and who, he will exterminate in order to get what he wants.


  • Love Is Blind: Anyone looking to watch a feel-good series should tune into this reality show. Singles meet and match each other in hopes of falling in love – all without ever seeing each other face to face. Love Is Blind shows that emotional connection is far stronger than physical appearance. 



  • The Office: Last but not least is a classic comedy that anyone would love to watch – and rewatch, over and over again. The Office features the staff of a Scranton paper company, Dunder Mifflin. This comedic series depicts humorous characters, loving relationships, and all around entertainment.