Shore celebrates its March ‘Students of the Month’

Emma Paolantonio

Even though students across the state have to work and learn from home, Shore Regional is keeping with tradition and still recognizing outstanding students to receive the March Students of the Month honor. Shore Regional Students of the Month represent the hard-working, positive people that make up the SRHS community. While they may be limited in what they can physically do for the school at this time, seniors Sarah Farber and Nicolas Yonezuka have demonstrated excellence throughout their four years at Shore Regional.

Nick Yonezuka is involved in Judo and sometimes volunteers at his local tournaments. The educator that has most impacted his life is Mrs. Mazza. He says that Mrs. Mazza has made math even more fun and exciting for him and that she knows how to make things easier to understand. Nick is grateful for Shore Regional’s close community because he always knows he has someone to talk to no matter what it may be about. In ten years, Nick hopes to retire from Judo… hopefully after being a two time Olympian. He says that a big role model in his life is Mr. Rankin because of his positive outlook on life. Nick explains that “with anything in life, especially in sports, there is no point in doing it unless you are enjoying it. The reality, especially now, is that we have no clue when our time is up so we should try to enjoy it as much of it as we can.” 

Sarah Farber is an active member of Student Council, Shore Dance, Shore Players, French Club, Voices, Interact, and SAW. Outside of Shore, she volunteers at a local food pantry. During her time at Shore, Sarah’s academic focus has been working towards an IB Diploma. Sarah says that she is grateful for Shore’s varied curriculum that has allowed her to grow, along with the close friendships she has made during her four years at Shore. Teachers that have significantly impacted Sarah’s high school career are Mr. Osis and Madame Simonson. Sarah says that Madame Simonson has not only taught her important classroom lessons, but lessons about life: “One lesson is not to be timid and to always express your views. It was due to her guidance and enthusiasm that I traveled as an exchange student to France and have made close friends in that beautiful country.” Sarah is also grateful for Mr. Osis for teaching her to open her mind to alternative ways of thinking and understanding. Sarah also looks up to her grandmother. She says that her grandmother always taught her to see the good in people and to always follow her dreams and trust herself. In ten years, Sarah sees herself as a writer in New York City who will hopefully have the opportunity to travel internationally.

Sarah and Nick also shared their favorite quotes: “It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday.”- Kano Jigoro, and, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi . Congratulations to the March Students of the Month!

Thank you for the impact you’ve made on the Shore Regional community, and good luck in the upcoming months following your graduation!