What Could Have Been

Senior Prom

Emma Paolantonio, Staff Writer

Pretty dresses, hair, makeup, suit and ties, corsages… the whole deal. Prom is perhaps the most memorable night of a teenager’s time in high school. But as the 2020 school year has officially been called off in New Jersey due to the Coronavirus pandemic, seniors in particular are dealing through many emotions in hearing that their proms have been cancelled.

The Shore Regional senior class had big plans for prom. What was supposed to take place at Eagle Ridge Golf Course for a night of dancing and fun has now turned into another night at home with our families. Some seniors are still planning to hold smaller proms at a later date like senior Mallory Lang. “Once we’re allowed to hold smaller gatherings, I’m hosting a replacement prom,” she said. “We’ll decorate my backyard, dress up and take pictures just like we would have”. Others are sadly stuck with returning their prom dresses that had already been ordered. “My dress shipped in the mail about a week before we found out we couldn’t go back to school. Good thing the online store had a good return policy!” Shannon Scesa said on the subject. Not only has the outbreak of COVID-19 cancelled actual proms, but also any fun to take place after.

Everyone knows that with prom night comes the after-prom plans. Traditions for different schools involve renting beach houses and cabins in the mountains, going to arcades, restaurants, and really anywhere that groups of friends can spend time together before graduating and going off to college. In response to having to cancel her rental reservations, senior Sophia Littman reports: “I was definitely bummed to hear that I had to cancel my house in LBI, but I’m hopeful that my friends can at least spend the summer together before we go off to school”. 

Of course, the seniors are not only missing out on prom. COVID-19 has caused the cancellation of graduations, senior picnics, concerts, and summer plans as well. Across the country and across the world, these cancellations have led to a sad collection of teenagers who are unsure of what their future lives will have in store. Hopefully, however, the senior Class of 2020 will be able to make up for their cancelled prom during the summer and spend good time with their friends before their year concludes. As for now, we will just be stuck inside fantasizing about what could have been our senior prom.