The International Effects of the Coronavirus

The International Effects of the Coronavirus

Amanda McMillen, Staff Writer

As we enter the one year mark of the first coronavirus cases, statistics  now show that over 215 territories and countries have been affected by this pandemic. All of which are struggling to keep themselves afloat. Internationally, there have been over forty million cases and over one million deaths. Not only is the rising rate of mortality alarming, but so is the globally increasing rate of unemployment which has resulted in an economic downfall. All of these international effects of the Coronavirus must be fought as a global society, and soon. Or our global society will have bigger problems to face. 

As a global population, there have been over one million people lost  from COVID-19. That means that the mortality rate is at a whopping four percent. In other words, out of every 100 cases, four people will be lost. That is a substantial percentage of the working-population and could cause unemployment and economic issues. Globally, 1.6 billion currently employed people are at high-risk for losing their jobs, because of the Coronavirus. That is almost half of the global workforce. At the moment, hundreds of millions of jobs have been put at a standstill and hundreds of millions of people are suffering greatly from the lack of income.

As a global society, the economy has suffered. It is true that it will harm some countries more than others, but at a certain point the entire global population will be affected. To solve this problem, multi-trillion dollar stimulus packages have been enacted, but nations now solely find themselves in further debt, causing a worse economy. Global leaders are hoping now to work together to find an international solution to this downfall. 

Currently there is still great wonder and many doubts about if we can fix this issue, and how we will do it. There are thousands of individuals researching, and assisting to find solutions, and a cure. It is in everyone’s hopes that this pandemic will die out soon.

The coronavirus is not a national issue. Instead, it is global. This pandemic will affect the entire world for years to come, and the 215 countries and territories will figure out how to deal with the effects of this international problem, together.