Sunday Night Lights: The 97th Season of the NFL is Here!

Tea Damiano, Staff Writer

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Ready, set, hike! Sunday football is back, and it’s bringing a new world wind of wins, loses, and drama; the 97th season of the National Football League will be one for the books.

The new season started off with the defending Super Bowl 50 champions, the Denver Broncos defeating, yet again, the Carolina Panthers. There has also been a change in a team’s location. California welcomed their 5th NFL team to the state. The St. Louis Rams, moved out of Missouri, and into Los Angeles, CA. They are now known as the LA Rams.

Along with a new season, comes new players. Stand-out rookies have been bringing the heat lately. Right out of the University of California came Jared Goff, he has signed to play as quarterback with the LA Rams. He is said to be more likely to start, and succeed, than any other quarterback in the draft. Be sure to keep your eye out for him!

The NFL continued their tradition of playing one American football game outside the U.S. This year is was held in London, England. The “NFL International Series” has been an ongoing custom since 2007.

The current standings (as of 10/13) hold The Minnesota Vikings and the Super Bowl 50 champs, The Denver Broncos, to be the only 2016 team to be undefeated, so far. The Cleveland Browns are the only 2016 NFL team to have not won a game yet. Although they are 0-4, don’t ever underestimate the underdogs.

There are still 12 more weeks of wins, losses, and unending drama. The 97th season of the NFL seems to be turning heads and surprising fans!

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Sunday Night Lights: The 97th Season of the NFL is Here!