“The Walking Dead” Cliffhanger Finally Revealed

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Martin MacStudy, Staff Writer

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On October 23rd, 2016, the hit television show, “The Walking Dead” premiered its seventh season. The season six finale left viewers with an intense cliffhanger, killing one of the main characters, but not showing exactly who died. After waiting for a grueling seven months, fans finally got to see who Negan, the show’s biggest villain up to date, killed. The premiere starts off right after Negan killed his victim. After Rick still shows disobedience, Negan brings him on a trip to show him who is charge. Through Rick’s flashbacks, we see who was on the wrong end of Lucille, Negan’s bat wrapped in barbed wire. After re-going through the eeny-meeny-minie-moe sequence fans saw in the finale, Negan lands on Abraham. Negan then proceeded to brutally bash Abraham’s head in until it was nothing more than bloody pulp. After taunting Rick’s group about their horrible situation, Daryl lashes out and punches Negan in the face. In the finale, Glenn got out of line when Negan threatened his wife, Maggie. At that point, Negan allowed it to slide, claiming “It is an emotional moment.” However, he warned that if it were to happen again, he would not be as forgiving. When Daryl punches Negan, Negan reminds Rick and his group of this agreement. As punishment, in a surprise turn of events, Negan turns around and bashes Glenn’s head in. In a gruesome, unforgettable scene, Glenn, with an eyeball popping out, tells Maggie “I will find you.” After that, Negan viciously continues to beat Glenn’s head in, until there is nothing left to beat down.

After the season six finale, I had speculated that Abraham was the one who was killed, so I was right with part of the premiere. I had also been very mad that we had to wait such a long time until we could find out who died. Despite my feelings at the time, I genuinely enjoyed the premiere. It exceeded my expectations and it was truly heart-breaking having to say goodbye to two fan favorites in such a brutal and vicious manner.

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“The Walking Dead” Cliffhanger Finally Revealed