Three Strikes and You’re Out!

Joe Buck raising questions and eyebrows

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Tea Damiano, Staff Writer

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 With the fight for the 2016 World Series title, things have been really heating up. The best-of-seven playoff games between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians has left people on the edge of their seat, especially for the Cub’s fans. World Series announcer, Joe Buck, has recently brought a slew of controversy into the sport. Chicago Cubs supporterss are quite furious about Buck’s involvement in the series. They believe he dislikes the Cubs, and shows a bias opinion when he broadcasts for them.

#DeportJoeBuck has been an ongoing hashtag in the Twitter-sphere. It’s an official Chicago Cub fan movement, which was pushed by the hosts of “The Chicago Way” podcast.

It started when Joe Buck expressed how amazing the Dodgers pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, was in a game against the Cubs. Joe was described as “gushing” over the pitcher, and in a way, bashing the Chicago Cubs as if they aren’t as good as the Los Angeles Dodgers.

An angered fan of the Chicago Cubs has been caught holding a sign that says, “Playoff tickets $400. Parking $100. Ballpark food $38.75. Not having to listen to Joe Buck: priceless.”

Joe Buck wrote a Sports Illustrated essay stating that the first ever televised World Series at Wrigley Field(the Cubs home field) would be “The No. 1 highlight of my career.” As of now Joe is still scheduled to broadcast the games between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs for the World Series. 

This article was written prior to the Chicago Cubs victory over the Cleveland Indians after forcing Game 7 and extra innings.

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Three Strikes and You’re Out!