Military service leaves a lasting impact on three guest speakers

Tea Damiano, Staff Writer

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A person can be defined by what they do in their lifetime, the things that sculpt and mold them into who they are now. The lives of three brave men and women were changed dramatically when they entered the military service. Veterans Michael Ruane and Gregory Martinez along with active Brigadier General Andrea D. Tullos have accomplished so much in their lives thanks to their military background. It has created a part of them that they will forever carry around with them.

Brgadier Andrea D. Tullos attended Shore Regional and graduated with the Class of 1987. Brigadier General Tullos explained that the military offered her opportunities that she couldn’t pass up. She has traveled to third world countries and has seen more in her life than she even thought was possible at her age. “We have it pretty good,” she expressed to the audience, and went on to talk about how serving our country made her realize how much we take so much for granted on a daily basis. Brigadier General Tullos has accomplished so much, and has been given many major awards and decorations, including the Bronze Star and the Legion of Merit. She has worked her way from receiving the title of Second Lieutenant in February of 1992 to Colonel in October of 2010 to Brigadier General in 2016.

Michael Ruane was a commander for two infantry companies during Vietnam. His career with the US Army began at Fort Knox in 1963. He served thirty years on both active and reserve duty, retiring in 1993. Michael’s parents were immigrants who came over from Ireland, which influenced his decision to join the United States Army. “Joining the military was something I always wanted to do; it gave me a way to give back what this country had done for us.” Serving in the Army gave Michael Ruane the opportunity to honor and serve his country for everything the country had given to him and his family. Michael’s advice to the crowd at Shore Regional High School was that “if you love what you do you’re never going to work.” His story was an inspiration to the students, and helped the population of Shore Regional gain a better understanding and appreciation for Veteran’s Day.

Gregory Martinez was a graduate from Shore Regional’s Class of 1968. He was drafted to the army on July 1, 1970. Greg had no intention of serving in the Army; in order to avoid his draft he signed up for the United States Navy. His contract allowed him to serve four years of active duty. After boot camp, he attended two different schools where he learned how to operate the main turbines of engine rooms, or service and maintain the air conditioning. He served on the “Connie,” the ship’s nickname, and finished his Navy term on a repair ship. He left the Navy as a certified master technician. “I owe the Navy everything in my life,” Greg expressed with a heavy heart about how the Navy provided him with so much wisdom that he still carries along with him throughout his life.

The presentations held at Shore Regional High School on Monday, November 7th encouraged the population of Shore Regional to recognize and appreciate the veterans that served, and still continue to serve, for our country. Veteran’s Day is one of the most important days for our country. Without the bravery, hard work, and selflessness of our veterans, our country would not be where it is today. The presentation given by Brigadier General Andrea Tullos, Michael Ruane, and Gregory Martinez were an inspiration to the Shore Regional Community and greatly appreciated by all.


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Military service leaves a lasting impact on three guest speakers