2016-2017 Staff

Isabella Whitaker

Staff Writer

A sophomore at SRHS, Isabella Whitaker loves English class and has had a love of writing for years. In addition to dancing and acting in Shore Players and Shore Dance, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, shopping, going to...

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Maddie Somers

Staff Writer

Maddie Somers is a junior here at Shore Regional. She is involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes and plays on Shore’s soccer team. In her free time, Maddie enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and making food. Her favorite s...

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Sam Slattery

Staff Writer

Sam Slattery is a senior at Shore. She is involved in various things, such as Cheerleading and the Students Against Destructive Decisions club. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and travelling to warm places, espe...

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Brianna Shaffery

Staff Writer

Brianna Shaffery is currently a junior at Shore and can often be found with her nose stuck in a book. Besides reading, Bri enjoys music and has formerly played the flute and piccolo. She hopes to become a writer and possibly wr...

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Sydney Sears

Staff Writer

Sydney Sears is a freshman here at Shore Regional. In her free time, she enjoys playing sports, such as soccer, basketball, softball and lacrosse, and plans to play these sports at Shore. She also likes hanging out with friends ...

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Alyssa Pepsny

Staff Writer

Alyssa Pepsny is a junior at Shore Regional High school. Her favorite activities include reading, writing, sailing, and skiing. Alyssa enjoys reading books and watching shows about mysteries. She likes to watch the Blind Spot,...

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Charlotte Morris

Staff Writer

Charlotte Morris is a senior at Shore Regional.  Charlotte is a part of the cheerleading team and works as a hostess.  She is a Leo and plans on having a makeup company when she is older.  In her free time Charlotte likes t...

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Alexandra Lockwood

Staff Writer

Alexandra Lockwood is a senior who enjoys reading, writing, and art. She is a coffee addict and loves listening to all kinds of music, and will watch just about any movie. She is a comic book, history, and mythology nerd and could ta...

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Mia Sweeney

Staff Writer

Mia Sweeney is a freshman at Shore. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and cooking. She is planning on being involved in Interact club and the swim team, and hopefully National Junior Honor Society. She’s interest...

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Tea Damiano

Staff Writer

Téa Damiano is a freshman at Shore Regional. She is a gymnast on the Shore Regional team and is also a competitive gymnast outside of her high school team for Aerials Gymnastics. Being that she just started at a new school sh...

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Nina Areyan

Staff Writer

Nina Areyan is a sophomore at Shore Regional. In her free time, Nina enjoys listening to music and watching movies. She is constantly talking about Coldplay and will probably never stop. Nina also tends to get really excited and...

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Aleka Damiano

Staff Writer

Aleka Damiano is a sophomore at Shore Regional High School. She can be found playing defense on the girl’s soccer team and running track after school. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and being with her friend...

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Mary Kate George

Staff Writer

Mary Kate George, also known as MK, is a sophomore here at Shore. Outside of The Beacon, she is involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, class office, running on the cross country and the winter track teams, and playing ...

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Anna Greenberg

Staff Writer

Anna Greenberg is a sophomore who plays tennis and swims at Shore. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching Netflix. Her current Netflix obsession is Grey’s Anatomy. Besides being a member of the Shore swim...

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Martin MacStudy

Staff Writer

Martin MacStudy is currently a freshman at Shore Regional High School. He is in a variety of clubs including The Beacon, Great Books, Interact, and S.A.W. Martin enjoys writing immensely and wants to someday write his own book. M...

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