Visiting Veterans Share Their Stories

Veterans were asked to share their thoughts on and responses to the following questions: -What does Veteran’s Day mean to you? -Why do you think it is important to come talk in schools? -What advice would you give to a Shore student who wants to join the military?

Mary Kate George, Staff Writer

Michael George, a Vietnam War veteran, said Veteran’s Day is about respect. It is a day for him to “think about things the war, the guys who didn’t come home.” Michael George says it helps to talk about the war; sometimes it is nice. He would advise Shore students to study the branches, and “make sure they are in shape,” he said with a chuckle, “they’ll be doing a lot of running!”

Michael Quilty, a Marine Vietnam War veteran, and the man with the killer vocals, said that Veteran’s Day is a day to remember those lost, and to never forget the sacrifice they made. Coming back to schools serves as a therapy for him, to “talk and not hold it in.” To Shore students he would say to really think it over, but the education and experience is really “worth your while.” He also said, with a laugh, “Join the Airforce-they got the best food.”

Lee Nilson, a Vietnam War veteran, said Veteran’s Day is “special day where people think about us.” He feels it is important for students to understand how our country got here. He would advise people to try it and said he was happy he did. “We Brooklyn boys needed it; it changed our way of thinking.”

Dan Higgins, a Vietnam War veteran, said that “Veteran’s Day is a day to honor those who served and those who didn’t come back. It is a day to honor all.¨