Lottery of a lifetime

Mega Millions Jackpot grows to 1.6 billion dollars, set for a Tuesday night drawing

Emma Paolantonio, Staff Writer

Following Friday night’s drawing, which resulted in not a single jackpot winner, the Mega Millions lottery drawing has grown to a record breaking 1.6 billion dollars. On this upcoming Tuesday at 11 pm, millions of people will try their luck again.

If one person is fortunate enough to win this entire lottery alone, they would walk away with $930 million after taxes. To put this into perspective, one single person could potentially have more money than Paul McCartney’s entire net worth.

What could someone buy with nearly one billion dollars, you might ask? A private island in the Caribbean, 6 F35A Fighter Jets, or perhaps a National Football League team. For only two dollars and some really good luck, this life could be yours. So what would you do, Shore Regional, with a billion dollars? Come back to The Beacon to find out!