Google releases statement about sexual harassment claims

Ex-employee accused of sexual harassment receives $90 million severance package

Jess Barton, Staff Writer

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has already responded to the New York Times’ groundbreaking expose on the investigated reports of sexual harassment within the multibillion dollar company. The Times’ piece focused on Google’s handling of 2014 abuse claims against one of its employees and the famed creator of Android, Andy Rubin. Rubin left the company and received a $90 million severance package from Google. Claims of misconduct against Rubin were not reported to the police as a result of confidentiality claims; however, outrage has ensued as a result of the decision to pay Rubin off has since been made public.

Google responded by citing their termination of 48 employees due to sexual misconduct in the last 2 years. Pichai’s recognition that most of these former employees received some sort of “farewell package” upon their departure, has stirred up significant controversy. Violators receive flexible treatment contradictory to Google’s sexual harassment policy.

Pichai’s remarks about the culture and state of his company comes amidst the #MeToo era. Last year’s sweeping reports of widespread sexual misconduct and assault has sparked the recognition of an all too common struggle for women in the modern working world.