Is America’s favorite game show in Jeopardy?

Amanda McMillen

As many know, Jeopardy Host, Alex Trebek, passed away on November 8, 2020. His final episodes aired, up to December 25, but now that the New Year is here, many avid viewers have had quite the loss. The producers of the show decided that this was not the end of their successful 36 year reign, and were quoted saying, “…yes, [we] would go on. [we] would go on because Alex wanted the show to go on.”

This week, former record breaking contestant, Ken Jennings will be taking the place as host. He had 74 consecutive winning games in 2004, then won the Jeopardy “Greatest of All Time” game in 2020. He proved to truly be the greatest contestant to be on the show, and everyone knew it. So, he was obviously the first contender to be a guest-host. 

During the first episode he filmed, he mentioned, “No one will ever replace the great Alex Trebek, but we can honor him by playing the game he loved.” Later, he is also on the record saying “Like all Jeopardy fans, I miss Alex very much.” He started to tear up when pondering upon how much Trebek changed the lives of many, and gave him the tribute he deserved. 

Next week, Katie Couric, who is an award winning American television journalist, will be a guest-host. She is expected to “do the job great justice just as Alex Trebek would have wanted.” It is not said who will be third in the rotation, but viewers will be notified soon. 

If viewers know anything from watching this great show, it is that it will continue to be strong, and get through all difficulties that come it’s way. So, even if it isn’t the same, after a tragic loss, Jeopardy is here to stay.