The Influence of Music on Black History: The History of Prince

New York

Billy Nagy

The musical artist, Prince had an enormous impact on pop culture.  Prince was a musical artist born on June 7, 1958, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is one of the most popular black artists of all time. He made music using a variety of musical instruments in a variety of genres including funk, R&B, rock, new wave, soul, pop, jazz, and hip-hop.

It can be argued that Prince changed music for the better.  Prince was very well known both in the United States and around the entire world.  Some of his most popular and well-known songs include When Doves Cry (1984), Kiss (1986), Raspberry Beret (1985), Get Off (1991), and 1999 (1982).  Prince is one of the most popular black artists of all time.  He was one of the many reasons why there had been progressively more black artists after he and many others showed that they were capable of being just as great as white artists.  

Throughout the duration of his life, Prince is estimated to have written between 500 and well over 1,000 songs.  His entire life was devoted to music.  In the very beginning years of his music career (in the late 1970s) he had to work extremely hard to prove himself of being good enough to be popular at this point in time.  In the late 1970s, there were not nearly as many black artists as there are today, therefore any black artist had to work much harder than a white artist, just to prove themselves worthy.  

However, his hard work definitely paid off.  At the time of his death, Prince had a net worth of about $156 million.  He left his money to his sister, Tyka Nelson.

Prince’s legacy had a significant impact on the black community.  For example, one day, a crowd of black Americans was on the streets of Baltimore, protesting over the death of Freddy Gray.  Prince performed a tribute song.  The song was called “Does anybody hear us pray for Michael Brown or Freddy Gray?”  This song and many other of Prince’s songs had an impact on real-life events in the black community, in addition to racial justice.  Also, in the Grammys in 2014, he talked about the killing of a man named Michael Brown, while talking about the Black Lives Matter movement that was created in 2014 as a result of this incident.  All throughout Prince’s music career, he always did what was right and gave back to the black community, making him one of the most memorable and influential black artists of our time.